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WebStrips is a lightweight open-source web comics browser written in Java that supports multiple comic via a JavaScript based interface. It is available as a desktop application (that can optionally be used to produce support for new comics) and as an  Android app.


24. 6. 2010 - Website cleanup. Apparently somebody left the permissions for anonymous user ticker creation and that resulted in a lot of spam reports.

16. 6. 2010 - The development is restarted once again, this time with major refactoring that involves SVN repository reset. The project was split into three parts to share core code between the desktop and an Android version of the application.

22. 2. 2009 - This site has been offline for at least a few months and the old content is lost (or at least missing). It will take some time to populate it with content so be patient. The latest version can still be downloaded from  SourceForge.